X-Chain Network

Introduction X-Chain

  • Introduction X-Chain Chain is an EVM compatible chain for DeFi.
  • Get started If you’re looking for things you can do with X-Chain, check out the X-Chain Ecosystem.
  • Build on X-Chain Get started with X-Chain by installing the X-Chain node, and deploying a simple DeFi app locally in Quick Start.

Governance Validators are essential to the X-Chain ecosystem

  • Learn how to stake your X-Chain tokens and vote for validators. Highly technical users may also participate in validator elections to have a chance of becoming a paid block producer.

Why X-Chain? X-Chain is fast, scalable, has low transaction costs and does no wasteful mining.

X-Chain chain features next-gen blockchain technology, utilizing BPos (Proof of Stake), extensible EVM and state of the art cryptography.
Introduction to the X-Chain Platform The X-Chain Platform is a unified infrastructure platform based on the technical, traffic and ecological resources, and will be gradually open to the blockchain industry. It will make the construction of decentralized applications more efficient and cost-effective, and provide comprehensive empowerment in aspects of promotion, traffic, and resources. The X-Chain Platform is an EVM compatible blockchain who solves the biggest problem of Dapp industry. The X-Chain Platform will provide global developers with series of diverse innovative facilities and services.
Solving market’s biggest problem Decentralized applications (Dapps) running on any blockchain contribute to the biggest use case of the blockchain industry. These Dapps are heavily sabotaged by the traditional blockchain’s transaction speed. This really does not let heavy Dapps like gaming, metaverse, NFTs, etc. to function as their full potential. The traditional blockchain simply can not provide the transaction speed that they need. That is the reason why these types of Dapps can decide to move away from blockchain altogether and adopt a centralised web application approach. Our blockchain solves this problem by having a high TPS capacity using the mighty BPoS consensus mechanism. Apart from this, our blockchain also heavily emphasises the security of the network through the network of the validators responsible for confirming the transactions. The speed and security will create huge advantages for the Dapps, so they can carry on their innovative development in the blockchain ecosystem.

Empower the decentralised applications (Dapps) ecosystem

Vision X-Chain’s vision is not only to be the best public blockchain, but also to focus on the discovery and support of high-potential developers and innovative projects. Relying on the world’s largest trading ecosystem, X-Chain is committed to becoming the birthplace of innovative technologies and innovative businesses, and building a complete ecological loop of technology development, application promotion, and trading.
X-Chain’s Performance TPS: 6000+ Average block interval: 1s Consensus Mechanism BPoS consensus mechanism: it has the characteristics of low transaction cost, low transaction delay, and high transaction concurrency.
The maximum number of validators supported is 21.
Economic Model The endogenous token on the chain is $XC; the transactions consume $XC as gas fee.
Miners pledge $XC to become validator nodes. The reward of nodes is gas fee, which is distributed according to the mortgage proportion.
Cross-Chain Assets such as ETH, BNB and stable coins can be mapped to X-Chain by an asset bridge. The realization method is to lock a certain amount of tokens on the original chain then generate a corresponding number of tokens on X-Chain.

X-Chain encourages developers to provide more decentralized cross-chain solution.

  • Provide traffic entrance for high-quality Dapp on X-Chain. After running successfully on X-Chain, high-quality projects can submit token listing application to X-Chain trading platform, and can be listed on it if they meet the listing standards. Resource Support Projects or developers that have received investment and support from X-Chain have not only the opportunity to get official news report, but also can apply for marketing service packages and promote their projects globally.
  • High-quality projects can participate in X-Chain foundation roadshows for free. X-Chain will open up ecological resources to high-potential developers, matching the win-win cooperation between developers and our ecological partners.
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